The Menu: farm-to-school success and a former chef’s new book

We were thrilled to have Amy Juan (SXCF Admin Manager) represent the work of the farm on Native America Calling’s regular segment The Menu. A show focusing on indigenous food and food sovereignty.

Amy Juan on the successful rematriation of corn seeds at San Xavier Coop Farm:

“As young farmers, we are relearning these different ways. We are relearning how our different stories, food, and cultures are connected and there is a common theme that younger generations are growing maybe two specific varieties of corn. By reconnecting to our elders and the stories, we learn that there were so many varieties of different corn that we used to grow.

So, the thing is, how do we get back to that? Where are those seeds? Are those seeds still out there? Are they being held in seed banks outside of our community and how to we bring those back home and continue to grow them out? Even if these seeds have been in freezers for 30-something years, they are still alive, and we feel that it is very important to bring them home, reacclimate them to the changing climate, and continue to grow them so that they can continue to grow with us.”

Native America Calling/The Menu: farm-to-school success and a former chef’s new book