The Wild Foods Community Harvest Program:

The San Xavier Cooperative Association (SXCA) Wild Foods Community Harvest Program works with the local community to learn how to harvest, process and prepare traditional wild Sonoran desert foods in a cultural and environmentally healthy way. Moving to a more traditional diet will help individuals and families combat food related illnesses, and making these foods more accessible is one way to achieve that goal. This program provides hands on training to easily incorporate these foods into a daily routine for the health and well being of everyone.

This program also provides an opportunity for tribal members to sell these foods through the SXCA Farm distribution channels which earns extra income and stimulates Economic development around these healthy foods in San Xavier. These are foods that require only the natural rainfall to survive which is key for resiliency of the people in the desert southwest.

The San Xavier Cooperative Farm has been created by the community for the community

When you buy the Mesquite or Cholla Buds from the Co-op farm it supports the Wild Foods Community Harvest Program!

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