Frequently Asked Questions of the San Xavier Cooperative Association

How do I find out about what allotments and how much land I have a stake in?

You can contact the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) in Sells at: 

Mailing/Physical Address: Papago Agency
P.O. Box 490, Sells, AZ 85634
Phone: (520) 383-3286

Contact the San Xavier Allottee Association at:
SXAA Office:
325 E. Vamori St., Tucson, AZ 85756
Phone: (520) 807-2121 Toll Free: 1-855-807-2121

Why did the Cooperative form in 1971?

With the loss of river and ground water and the intense fractionation of land over the 1900’s the Allottees had limited resources to farm.  By combining the land as one big entity they were able to lease the land and collectively seek resources to irrigate the land and produce on it again.

Why should I be part of the Cooperative?

With being part of the Cooperative you are able to make the best use of the land to bring economy to the people on the Tohono O’odham Nation.  Collectively the Allottees have been able to bring water back to the people and start farming again. 

How Many people does the farm employ and how many are O’odham?

The Farm has 21 people currently working at the farm 90% of which are O’odham.

What do you produce on the farm?

Alfalfa for animal feed is the main cash crop but we also produce a wide variety of traditional foods, grains, beans, honey and produce.

How much land is in the Rehab portion and how much is planned for the extension of land?

The Rehab portion of the farm is 1500 acres and the land extension will be an additional 1200 acres.

How do I contact the San Xavier Cooperative Association to learn more?

Mailing/Physical Address: 8100 S. Oidak Wog, Tucson AZ 85746
Phone: (520)295-3774